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UC Berkeley and Todo Math Seeking 1st and 2nd Graders for Number Sense Research

UPDATE 5/2/2015

Thank you to all the participants in the UC Berkeley research study. If you completed your assessment before April 27, 2016 you should have received a promotion code for 1-month subscription of Todo Math. For all others who completed the assessment after April 27th, you should receive your Todo Math promotion code no later than May 10th.

We will be concluding this research project on Friday, May 6, 2016 at 8pm PDT. Please complete the assessment by Friday, May 6 in order to qualify for the 1-month free Todo Math promotion code.

UPDATE 4/5/2015

We have met our quota for 100 kindergarteners and are seeking 1st and 2nd graders only. The first 100 parents of 1st graders and the first 100 parents of 2nd graders that complete the 3-part assessment will receive 1 FREE month of Todo Math and a personal report from the researchers.

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1 FREE month of Todo Math will be given to the first 100 volunteers

Parents! Oh those lovely numbers. Puzzling, aren’t they? Intuitive? Sometimes. Ever wonder if your child is meeting their milestones for learning early key math concepts? Well so do the researchers at UC Berkeley BEAR (Berkeley Evaluation and Assessment Research) Center who are conducting the math study. You can help them in this important research!

Dr. Mark Wilson and Ph.D. candidate Hye Kyung Lee are seeking early elementary students to participate in a number sense study. We are partnering with them to help deliver their assessments using the Todo Math app.

Research in this area is still in it’s infancy but the outcome will have a measurable impact in the way Todo Math and the rest of the education community targets support for all students and especially those with mathematics difficulties.

Benefits for the First 100 Volunteers

First 100 volunteers will receive:

  • A free promo code for 1 month of Todo Math that you can redeem or gift to others. If you’re an existing Todo Math subscriber, you can choose to apply the 1 month promo code to your subscription.
  • Personalized student assessment report from the researchers indicating your student’s performance of early mathematical concepts of addition, magnitude and place value.

Sample Student Report

Participation Requirements:

  • Children ages 5-8 living in the United States.
  • iOS 7.0 or later. iPad or iPhone device.
  • Registered user of the FREE Todo Math app.
  • Parent/caregiver to proctor three assessments.
  • Parental consent.


To volunteer your child for the study please proceed to the parental consent form.

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