Todo Math Spring Update
Todo Math by Todo Math March 28, 2017

Todo Math Spring Update

We’re delighted to introduce the latest version of Todo Math with a fresh spring theme and three new mini games for even MORE math to explore. Now you can practice part part whole number relationships, greater than > less than, and balancing equations.

Fish Tank is a new mini game inside Todo Math that provides a fun way for children to explore part part whole relationships of a number. Math educators talk about the concept of how smaller numbers nest within a bigger number. This game gives children the opportunity to explore the concept deeply with creative challenges in composing and decomposing numbers.

Feeding Time is another mini game where kids experiment with equal, less and greater than concepts. Choose the symbol that applies to the number relationships in the alligator pond, and see what happens next! Kids will become familiar with the greater than, less than and equal sign symbols in a colorful and upbeat way.

Finally, Number Balance is our latest mini game that encourages deep thinking and problem solving while balancing equations. For children who have already mastered quick facts, Number Balance provides a way to put this knowledge to the test by utilizing magnitude, number relationships, equivalence, and operations.

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