Todo Math Adds Two New Games in Fall Update
Todo Math by Todo Math October 6, 2016

Todo Math Adds Two New Games in Fall Update

The Todo Math fall update is here! Explore this new graphical theme just in time for autumn. Collect fun items for Tally like funky hats to wear and big tractors to ride. New math games include Tally Catch and Rocket Launch which help kids practice number lines and place value. Download Todo Math for FREE on the iTunes or Android app stores, today!

New Game: Tally Catch

Can you find the hidden number? Check out Tally Catch, the brand-new game inside Todo Math. Tally Catch helps children master magnitude skills and understand the size and value of numbers by working with number lines.

Watch kids target Tally’s position on a number line. This is an important step to help children develop math concepts for grades 2 – 5 when open number lines are used for calculation. Tally Catch also helps children prepare for the 3rd grade CCSS standard about fractions on a number line.

New Game: Rocket Launch

Practice place value skills with ones, tens and hundreds in Rocket Launch, the newest place value game in Todo Math.

With Rocket Launch children are able to practice counting from 1 to 999 using the base 10 number system. Kids see these numbers everywhere in our environment, like prices at the grocery store, the weather, steps on a pedometer, or grams of sugar in soda.

Building picture models of large numbers helps all children learn place value. Rocket Launch supports picture models of place value by beckoning children to load single batteries and battery packs of 10 and 100 onto a rocketship before blasting off into space.

About Todo Math

Todo Math’s early elementary curriculum is ideal for learning foundational math skills at home and in the classroom. With the Todo Math fall update, it currently includes over 30 games for math practice!

The early learning community continues to recognize Todo Math as a standard-bearer in the field of digital math education. Todo Math was a finalist in TWO categories of the 2016 SIIAA CODiE Awards. But as countless teachers have already learned, what makes Todo Math so effective is that kids LOVE it!

Our supplementary curriculum engages children in practicing foundational early math skills while maintaining their attention. Todo Math’s eye-catching visuals and interactive game-play maintains the students’ attention without detracting time away from learning. And best of all, we’re always working to make Todo Math better.

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Have fun learning!