jessica by jessica September 10, 2013

How to Use Todo K-2 Math Practice App to Support Student Learning in the Classroom

Todo K-2 Math Practice app can be a great tool for elementary teachers, especially special education teachers. For students with learning differences, differentiation is a critical instructional tool to help kids engage in the learning process. With multiple grade levels and kids at various academic levels within each grade, it can sometimes feel like you are preparing six different lesson plans for one math period!

As a differentiation tool, I love integrating technology, especially educational iPad apps into classroom work time. ┬áTodo K-2 Math Practice is a great app for differentiation because it offers independent learning, guided instruction with a video model, immediate feedback, a simple user interface and games that focus on the same learning goals through a variety of methods. For example, addition can be practiced in 4 of the Todo Math Games: Tallies, Cookies, Falling Blocks, and Quick Math. Each game offers a unique approach that is sure to fit with a learner’s preference and needs.

Another unique aspect of Todo Math is the fact that students can participate in their own differentiation; they can choose the games they want to play, and as the teacher, you can feel confident that they are furthering their math practice through self-directed learning.

Todo Math promote differentiation in many scenarios. Here’s how I would use Todo K-2 Math Practice in four typical classroom situations:

1. With the struggling learner: If you have one student that really hasn’t mastered one to one correspondence or matching quantities to numerals, then giving them time to hone these skills is critical to their continued math progress. Perhaps this student also struggles with fine motor tasks. Instead of worksheets, I would have the student practice with the Counting game and Number Tracing. That way the student can practice these skills in a fun, unintimidating setting, with lots of positive feedback.


Counting Game

Number Tracing Screen Shot

Tracing Game

2. With the advanced learner: Maybe you have a student who finishes every assignment faster than the rest of the class; he might be bored of all the math games, extra-practice worksheets, and other tricks you have up your sleeve. Make his extra time meaningful by having him work above grade level on some of the more challenging math games in Todo K-2 Math Practice. Give him a timer and see how many problems he can complete in Quick Facts. He can also test himself with building groups of numbers quickly, as he plays Tallies.

Quick Facts Game

Quick Facts Game

3. With the whole class: My students loved when we played a short game on the iPad during morning meeting, as a warm-up for the day. Our newest game Little Farm would be a great game to exercise my students sequencing skills and memory retention. We could see how many Falling Blocks questions my students can answer together in one minute.

Little Farm Game

Little Farm Game

4. In a two-person learning center: If I had two students who needed some extra practice with addition, I would have them each work on Todo Math, using the timed daily practice at their current ability level. This way, they could practice addition in several games at a level that is challenging, yet not frustrating. After they’ve each finished their daily practice, I would provide them with Todo Math Flash Cards so that they could extend their learning beyond the app. The students could quiz each other on math facts and even take the flash cards home to continue working on these skills.

The possibilities for classroom play with Todo K-2 Math Practice are numerous! In my years teaching, I learned that when kids are having fun, they learn more and are more willing to challenge themselves.