locomaster by locomaster April 1, 2013

The People Behind the Kid in Story Book Maker App

The development of Kid in Story Book Maker originated with a blog post from Shannon Rosa, “Developing smart simple social stories” . In this post from early 2012, Shannon openly asked for a better, affordable social story app and called out Project Injini – our team’s name at the time – as the people who could make it happen.

We also dreamt of making something new, not just a somewhat better version of already available apps. Our story maker should have a bit of magic, to make creating and reading the stories truly engaging and fun. The idea of developing our LocoLens® technology for image detection, to make it easy to isolate and superimpose pictures of kids into the stories’ background images (similar to “green screening”) was born and became the spark that kindled the project. This critical function was researched and developed by 3 talented programmers – thank you Jack Jiwoong Sim, Junggun Lim & Gunho Lee.

The main body of the app, the storybook interface, originated with and was largely produced by Curiodept, high quality design and development studio in Seattle. It was a pleasure to work with Aaron & Scott. LocoMotive Lab’s chief engineer Gunho Lee did a tremendous job adding the final touches.

The template storybooks were mostly written by Shannon Des Rosa and designed by Chris Ereneta.

Kat Bliss and Sooinn Lee made the Faces I Make story together.  Anna Johnson wrote and photographed the haircut stories.

During the 9 months of development effort by all these different people, Sangjun Park kept the app tested and assured the quality.

It was worthwhile journey. Thank you to the all people who have been involved in this project. Thank you Leo and Shannon, for inspiring us.

Below is a recent blog post by Shannon, giving her seal of approval for Kid in Story Book Maker, and recounting her happy kids’ stories – truly the most important reward for our work.