2015-2016 Todo Math Classroom Grant Program

How do I qualify for the Todo Math Grant Program?

If your school can't purchase Todo Math after a 60-day free trial, you may qualify for one year of the Todo Math Grant Program.

To be eligible for the Todo Math Classroom Grant Program, you'll first need to start a free trial period and complete setup of your Teacher Dashboard.

You may qualify if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • I am using my own iPad with my students
  • I received classroom iPads through a donation program and don't have support for an app purchase
  • There is currently no budget for app purchases at my school
  • My school request for Todo Math was rejected
  • Other

If your students need Todo Math, we'll do our best to provide access to the program.

Start a 60-day free trial now and follow instructions when the trial period ends.