jack by jack August 27, 2015

Parent Spotlight: How One Family Uses Todo Math for Learning at Home

We had the pleasure of interviewing Amber from Mom of all Capes about her family’s experience with Todo Math this summer. After seeing a photograph on Twitter of her kids actively engaged with the app, we reached out to learn more about how she uses Todo Math to prepare for Back to School.


Amber has three children, and her two primary users of Todo Math are in 1st and 2nd grade. Each child uses different modes of play in Todo Math. The first grader uses Free Choice to pick and choose specific math games. Free Choice displays all 26 mini games in the app that range from numbers and counting to reasoning and geometry. The second grader opts for Mission Mode, which is a goal-oriented math adventure with themes to support math concepts aligned with school standards.


The kids’ favorite games in Todo Math are Falling Shapes, Multi-Digit Grid, and Matrix. Falling shapes helps refresh geometry knowledge with names of more complex geometric shapes like rhombus, parallelogram, and trapezoid. Multi-Digit Grid supports addition practice by enabling kids to either write or drag and drop numbers to solve a math problems. Matrix is a logic puzzle to encourage critical thinking by associating numbers and objects across rows and columns.


Amber, former teacher raised by educators, especially appreciated how the app was comprehensive and flexible enough to meet specific needs of each child. By developmentally addressing separate needs, Todo Math is able to grow with her children over time:

“I like how Todo Math is providing a wide variety of options that stretch across age groups. This helps us grow with the app, instead of having to delete an app after a few months.”

As the Todo Math curriculum continues to expand, Amber suggests having short tutorials or support materials available for parents so they have tools for getting the most educational value out of the app. Great suggestion Amber. We are excited to share that we’ve jut published a Resource Guide to help with math readiness for Back to School. So we hear you, and can’t wait to share what we’ve got planned next!