anna by anna May 20, 2016

New White Paper: Game-based Learning and Student Engagement in Elementary Math Education

Fresh off the presses! Read the latest research about Todo Math, game-based learning and student engagement in elementary math.

Key findings are as follows:

  • Students were rated more focused on math activities during the Todo Math session, as compared to the paper-and-pencil one.
  • Through simple counts of observed chatting with their peers, observers reported more frequent chatting among students during the paper-and-pencil session.
  • Reasons for chatting during the sessions are different; for the Todo Math session, students talked to their peers to share problem-solving information, while for the paper and pencil activities, they wanted to just chat.
  • Based on observers’ rating of overall engagement level, most students were rated ‘very engaged’ and none were ‘often distracted’ during the Todo Math session.
  • Individual case-analysis revealed that a student with special needs showed a greater sign of engagement and actual completion of tasks during the Todo Math session.


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