Math FUNdamentals for ALL Children: Kickstarter Campaign
anna by anna October 27, 2014

Math FUNdamentals for ALL Children: Kickstarter Campaign

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to drive awareness and attention about accessible learning for children with physical impairments, low vision and who are Spanish speaking English language learners. We are seeking to fund three new accessibility features for Todo Math by November 22. With over 800,000 downloads worldwide and hitting #1 in the US and UK Education App Store, Todo Math is poised to make a HUGE impact in the lives of these children inside the classroom and at home.

Please visit Kickstarter page and support our project.

With funds from this Kickstarter project, we aim to bring the following accessibility features to the Todo Math app:

  • Switch accessible feature for children with physical impairments
  • High contrast feature for children with low vision
  • English/Spanish bilingual function

As a thank you for your Kickstarter contribution, we are offering a variety of AWESOME rewards to you and that special child (or children) in your life. No contribution is too little and our rewards fit a wide range of backers from $5 to $5,000. Some will make fantastic holiday gifts.

You might choose to have a limited edition Todo Math mug on your desk.

Todo Math Mug

Or for $100 you may choose the all inclusive Todo Math Gift Box that includes a 100 page Todo Math Activity book, stickers/sticker chart, Kids Crew t-shirt, calendar and study aid charts.

Todo Math Gift Box

We’re hoping to get 90% of the project funded by Halloween. It will help us to get more attention from Kickstarter website and from media. Please help by backing the Kickstarter campaign and spread the news to friends and family via Facebook, twitter and email.

Social Media message for Facebook and Twitter.

Bring Fun to Math FUNdamentals to ALL children. Back this @Kickstarter campaign #specialneeds


Thank you!

Todo Math Team