Kid In Story Book Maker Coming Soon
anna by anna January 16, 2013

Kid In Story Book Maker Coming Soon

Our first app, Kid in Story Book Maker, is coming soon to the App Store and I can’t wait! I am brimming with anticipation and excitement.

As a parent, Kid in Story Book Maker makes it super easy to create visual stories to support learning, social modeling and promote early literacy. It comes with six story templates like “When Is It Time to Wash My Hands?” which is full of practical advice on when to wash your hands. And then there’s my kids’ personal favorite, “What Will I See in San Francisco?”

For kids, they like Kid in Story Book Maker because they get to be the star character in the storybook. Imagine you could magically appear in your favorite picture book. With Kid in Story Book Maker, you can! All you do is take a photo of your child and place them into the story. Record the audio and within minutes, you have a complete personalized story to read and share with your family.

I recorded a short demo so you can check Kid in Story Book Maker out for yourself. Our unique photo editing feature is definitely cool but it pales in comparison to the excitement my kids feel when they see themselves in the story we created TOGETHER!

Let the story making begin with Kid in Story Book Maker!