anna by anna September 11, 2013

Introducing Little Farm – Todo K-2 Math Practice App’s Newest Game

We’re pleased to announce an exciting update to Todo K-2 Math Practice app. Included is a new memory and sequencing game called Little Farm and the ability to configure settings to accommodate left-handed players. Go lefties!

Todo K-2 Math Practice app’s new Little Farm game offers visual support to build short-term memory and sequencing skills. These skills are especially important as students in kindergarten – 2nd grade work to remember numbers as well as the sequence for performing math operations like addition and subtraction. For some students with learning differences/disabilities, short-term memory and sequencing can be delayed. Playing a fun game like Little Farm that focuses on honing these skills can lead to mastering math facts with greater ease. It’s a simple and VERY engaging game. To play, groups of animals parade in and out of the barn. Make sure to watch carefully so that you can tell which animals are left inside!

Todo Little Farm

New Little Farm Game in Todo K-2 Math Practice

Check out the two short demos of our new “lefty” settings feature as well as the Little Farm game.




























Come, let’s play!