Introducing Equation Maker – New Todo K-2 Math Practice Mini Game
anna by anna November 21, 2013

Introducing Equation Maker – New Todo K-2 Math Practice Mini Game

Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, your kids can spend part of their school break playing Todo K-2 Math Practice mini game, Equation Maker! This new mini game offers children ample opportunities to practice solving number sentences. Using fun puzzle pieces, your child will build addition, subtraction, and early multiplication equations!

Equation Maker can be found in the Math Facts Practice section along with Falling Blocks and Quick Facts (see screen shot below). There are 10 levels in all for children working on kindergarten and first grade level addition and subtraction. Equation Maker provides representational support for players learning to build addition and subtraction number sentences. Cute teddy bears and playful penguins can be found throughout the mini game as well as tropical pineapples and other fruit to help children master math both concretely and as an operation.

Todo K-2 Math Practice can be found available in the App Store for FREE!


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Equation Maker Menu

New Equation Maker Mini Game


equation maker screenshot

Kindergarten Level 1 Equation Maker Mini Game


Equation Maker Fruit

Kindergarten Level 4 Equation Maker Mini Game