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FAQ – Sharing Stories with Kid in Story Book Maker

Have you created a custom visual storybook with Kid in Story Book Maker? Are you ready to share it with your family, friends or colleagues? Below are a few frequently asked questions & answers about sharing your stories.


How do I share my stories?

To share a story you’ve made with Kid in Story Book Maker, go to “edit stories” mode. Tap on the story you want to share, then choose whether you want to send by email or save to Dropbox. Anyone with Kid in Story Book Maker or our free Kid in Story Reader can open the story file and start reading!

Where can I get Kid in Story Reader?

Kid in Story Reader is available for free for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Download it from the iTunes App Store.

How do I receive stories?

The author will email you their story file or give you a link to a file on Dropbox. If you have Kid in Story Book Maker or Kid in Story Reader just open the file from your iOS device and it will automatically launch the app and download the story.

What about the Community Library?

We set up the Community Library for openly sharing stories and templates that you create. We know that there are many, many different useful stories that can be created for Kid in Story Book Maker and hope that the community of Kid in Story Book Maker authors will contribute and benefit from each other’s stories. To submit a story, email it to info@locomotivelabs.com.

What is the .kis file format?

.kis is LocoMotive Labs’ Kid in Story Book Maker proprietary format. This file type is readable by Kid in Story Book Maker and Kid in Story Reader.

What is Dropbox?

Kid in Story Book Maker integrates with the Dropbox service to provide file sharing. You can learn more about Dropbox at www.dropbox.com

How do I print my story?

We don’t have an export to print feature. However, you can take screenshots of each page of the story and print them out individually from your camera roll.

How do I turn on/off auto play of narration?

From the main bookshelf screen, press the options button in the upper left corner. From here you can turn on or off audio autoplay.

My question or concern is not listed here.

Please contact us. We welcome your questions and feedback!


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