Five Essential Home Routines To Prepare For Back To School
Todo Math by Todo Math August 1, 2016

Five Essential Home Routines To Prepare For Back To School

Math is a cognitively challenging subject. In order to do cognitively demanding activities, home routines can set an underlying foundation to help the brain along and prepare for back to school. For Todo Math, building strong educational foundations is not only important for the apps we create, but also for the kids we are raising […]

anna by anna July 7, 2016

Summer Reading with a Math Twist. Author Greg Tang

Tis the season of summer reading. Armed with our local library‚Äôs summer reading chart, I wanted to see if I could find storybooks that could combine reading and math. As luck would have it, I found a few authors. Greg Tang quickly became a favorite. Greg Tang is the author of a math and problem-solving […]

anna by anna May 20, 2016

New White Paper: Game-based Learning and Student Engagement in Elementary Math Education

Fresh off the presses! Read the latest research about Todo Math, game-based learning and student engagement in elementary math. Key findings are as follows: Students were rated more focused on math activities during the Todo Math session, as compared to the paper-and-pencil one. Through simple counts of observed chatting with their peers, observers reported more […]

anna by anna May 16, 2016

Three Important Number Sense Concepts For Children to Practice

“Number sense is an emerging construct that refers to a child’s fluidity and flexibility with numbers, the sense of what numbers mean and an ability to perform mental mathematics and to look at the world and make comparisons.” Number Sense: Rethinking Arithmetic Instruction for Students with Mathematical Disabilities, Russell Gersten and David J. Chard (2001) […]