Enuma develops learning apps to empower all children to be independent learners.

Parents Choice Gold Award and SIIA CODiE Award Finalist

At Enuma® (previously LocoMotive Labs), we understand that all minds are unique. That's why we designed Todo Math® to give students the motivation and support that empowers them to master early elementary math.

We use 21st century technology to deliver our research-based math games so that all children can learn independently, at their own pace, and in a fun and effective way. Whether a child struggles to keep up in math, or is an accelerated learner, we offer the right amount of challenge and support to keep them engaged and learning.

We are continually updating Todo Math with new games and missions, expanding our content toward the goal of a complete Pre-K to 2nd grade math curriculum. Your downloads, reviews, and word of mouth will help us to empower all kinds of students to be independent learners.

Guiding Principles

Independence, motivation, and success are the guiding principles we learned while working with speech and language pathologists, special education teachers, occupational therapists and other education professionals.

These principles heavily influence both what apps we choose to develop and the way we design them. Learning independently is an empowering experience for any child, but especially for those with special needs.

By prioritizing children with special needs during the design, development and testing processes as well as by using independence, motivation and success for all as guiding design principles, we produce high quality engaging learning apps that change children's "I can't do it" educational challenges into "I did it!" successes.

The Team

The Enuma (previously LocoMotive Labs) team is comprised of award-winning game designers and developers working in close collaboration with parents, speech and language pathologists, and teachers. We are all working together to elevate digital learning experiences for all children, with a special focus on inclusivity for children with special needs.

Our Founders

Enuma (previously LocoMotive Labs) was founded in July of 2012 by two parents committed to the mission of reducing the pain of learning for children with special needs.

Co-founder and CEO Sooinn Lee previously worked in the industry for 13 years as a game designer and corporate strategist. Her work on iPad apps for children with special needs, including the highly-praised Project Injini titles, earned the Parents Choice Gold Award, Best Design Award at Launch Education & Kids Conference, and 3 Children's Technology Review's Editor's Choice selections.

Co-founder and Chief Engineer Dr. Gunho Lee spent his early life in Japan and Korea, then earned his Ph.D of Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He previously worked as technical director at the Korean-based game company NCSoft.

We spent most of our early professional lives working on popular multiplayer online games. But once we became parents, our professional motivations changed... Inspired by our own children with special needs and the educators and therapists who facilitate their learning, we decided to dedicate our talents to designing accessible games and applications that help all children learn independently.

Our Educators

Enuma (previously LocoMotive Labs) is a team of game developers and educators. Among us, two educators have the responsibility to design curriculum and tune level progressions to benefit children’s learning.

Jessica Reistelt, Special education specialist and game designer
Jessica Reistelt spent six years teaching in kindergarten and first grade special education classrooms. At Enuma (previously LocoMotive Labs), she designs mini-games and is responsible for all level design to be sure levels and progressions are appropriate for K-2 level children with various needs. She also works for Teach For America (TFA), leading online communities of special education teachers, providing coaching and advice to over 1,500 TFA special education instructors.

Dr. Maya Israel, Academic Advisor
Dr. Israel is an assistant professor of special education at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC). Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Illinois, she worked at the University of Cincinnati and was on the leadership team of the UC Fusion Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Research and Education Center. Her primary area of specialization involves supporting students with disabilities in gaining meaningful access to STEM learning through instructional strategies and technologies.
Her research investigates students’ digital and print literacies as well as teachers’ use of instructional strategies and technologies to enhance STEM learning.

Enuma’s Kid Testers

All together, the Enuma team has 14 children, most of whom are in the preschool to early elementary age range. Our "kids crew" did a great job with early play testing of the Todo Math app, showing us what they liked best and what games needed fixing. Most importantly they encourage their parents to build more games continuously!
Todo Math was also tested by children with special needs, including those with language delays, autism, visual processing issues, and cerebral palsy. We are especially grateful for their time as testers, as we aim to respond to the diverse needs of children as much as possible.