4 Classroom Tips To Teach Time Telling With The iPad
jessica by jessica October 30, 2013

4 Classroom Tips To Teach Time Telling With The iPad

The Todo Telling Time app is a great supplementary resource for teachers to use in the classroom. The Common Core State Standards do not give much time or attention to the concept of telling time. However, it is a basic life skill that is expected of all adults. This is not usually an automatic skill that students will just pick up; it needs to be explicitly taught.

Here are some suggestions on how to use Todo Telling Time in the classroom to help students master this difficult skill. Similar to Todo K-2 Math Practice, Todo Telling Time is ideal for students in grades kindergarten through second grade, but encompasses a wider range when you factor in struggling students. This app is multi-level across all games, ensuring that there is a level and mini-game appropriate for each student in the classroom. Todo Telling Time also promotes self-directed discovery as students can choose their own levels and the mini-game that appeals to them. Teachers can subtly direct student learning by suggesting one of six mini-games to promote different skills within telling time.


Additionally, the player record calendar helps students feel a sense of achievement as it awards students a star for each day they play. Students have the opportunity to fill up their calendar with stars and parents and teachers can see how frequently their students have been playing Todo Telling Time.



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Four ways you can use Todo Telling Time iPad app in your classroom.

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With the pre-time-teller:
[/header]Perhaps you have a student who hasn’t quite mastered the orientation of numbers on the clock. They aren’t sure where the numbers go, or the significance of their order. Well, there are several mini-games that would perfect to hone these pre-time-telling skills. The first is Ferris Wheel. Since the Ferris Wheel in this game is oriented like a clock, students can practice putting numbers in order. They can begin with counting 1 -12 and move to the more challenging concept of counting by 5s. Both of these skills will come in handy as these learners hone their time-telling skills. Another great game to practice this skill is Memory. This game also focuses on familiarizing students with the clock face and orientation of numbers. Children are challenged to find the placement of numbers in a circle.

Ferris WheelTodo Telling Time: Memory Game

[header type=”plus”] With the whole class:[/header] During calendar time, you may touch on schedule concepts by going through a daily schedule and focusing on the times at which your class participates in certain events. Really bring this concept home by playing the Schedule Game with the whole class. In the Schedule Game, students can identify with the daily events pictured and match times to events. They will learn that each event takes a certain amount of time and occurs in a specific time window of the day. By playing this game, you can help your students relate the events in the game to real life examples and use the same format to question your students about events in their school day. Great practice for all!  Another great mini-game to bring out at calendar time is Days and Weeks. Since this is a skill that is focused on by many kindergarten and first grade teachers, many students are expected to recite days of the week and months of the year in order. Some students still struggle with the concept and this engaging puzzle game will give them a quick practice session with these lessons.


[header type=”plus”]For individual time telling practice:[/header] Train Time is a great game to promote individual student practice. In this game, students focus on matching an analog clock to written time. They will build times based on the time shown in the analog clock. Fortunately, this game includes 5 levels, making it easy for students who are just beginning to those most advanced in their time telling skills to receive skill-appropriate practice! LocoMotive Labs offers worksheets that relate to this game as well. Students can practice the opposite process by drawing clock hands to match the digital time observed.

IMG_0091Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 7.56.27 PM

[header type=”plus”]For the proficient time teller:[/header] Do you have student that has mastered all the time telling skills? Check their progress in Time Quiz. Observe their participation in this game and check for understanding on such concepts as time of day, elapsed time, and estimating time. Though these aren’t concepts that are strictly focused on with the Common Core State Standards, students will benefit in the long run from having mastered these skills.

Quiz Game 2 Quiz Game

 As you can see, there are a great many advantages from making Todo Telling Time part of your daily classroom practice. Students will benefit from the array of time telling skills introduced in this app and enjoy the colorful and engaging graphics and variety of games offered!

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