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    “The developers of Todo Math have taken special care to create a math tool that is safe for kids, inclusive of different learning abilities, and aligned to math educational standards and best practices.” - Common Sense Media
  • From Parents and Teachers Like You!

    “Enuma has done a superb job of providing accessibility options that allow use for all types of learners by adjusting for left handed users, offering a dyslexic font, and the use of a keypad. Bravo for being all-inclusive!!” - Teachers With Apps
  • From Parents and Teachers Like You!

    “If I had to recommend only one app to support an early learner's math fluency, this would be that app.” - App Store Reviewer
  • From Parents and Teachers Like You!

    Ranked #1 in US (Education) and UK (Kids) App Store
    Best Design Award Winner at Launch Education & Kids Conference

    Daily math practice, totally personalized, to ensure a new generation of confident and successful learners.

    At Todo Math, we understand that every mind is unique. We’re all about giving children personalized support that empowers them to accelerate learning, and realize their full potential. We offer 28+ multi-level engaging games, 60+ standards-aligned missions, and oodles of learning to help your children master PreK-2nd grade math skills, preparing them for future academic success. With Todo Math®, your child begins his or her own personal math adventure.

    Putting the "Fun" in Math Fundamentals

    Todo Math is the fun, research-based, kid-tested, educator approved, alternative to supplementary math workbooks. Why use an antiquated method for practicing math when you’re nurturing and preparing your child for the 21st century? Whether your child is skilled or struggling, Todo Math provides a no pressure, no penalty, self-paced learning environment that builds the confidence and ability to solve challenging problems.

    Transferring Todo Math Skills to the Classroom and to Real Life

    We have teachers and academic researchers collaborating with our award-winning game developers to ensure that our curriculum meets kindergarten grade-level standards and beyond. We want all kids to feel successful in the classroom and in the wider world.

    What does the research tell us?

    Research has shown that if you give children something that’s challenging and achievable, rather than dull and repetitive, you increase their chance of success. But this isn’t easy to do. The Todo Math team uses learning theory and game design to develop math games that truly engage kids. Our tools help them to learn — and to learn how to learn.

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